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Stained-Glass Windows Lisa A. Procter

Stained-Glass Windows

Lisa A. Procter

Published November 22nd 2006
ISBN : 9781425740856
296 pages
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 About the Book 

Sadie gets involved with Charles at a young age not knowing Charles is following in his fathers alcoholic ways.Charles goes off to war to defend his country. Sadie gets involved with the shop steward and finds herself pregnant. Charles loves her so much he is willing to accept the baby. But it is not enough, with Charles attention to his beer bottle and supporting his 5 children.Sadie is neglected while she try to make everyone beautiful in her beauty shop. In craving the attention she finds herself again in another adulterous affair.While the McGuires struggle with the terrors of alcoholism and adultery, evil creeps in on Mrs. McLaughlin and her son in an attempt to bring down the church.Sister Helena lets the alcohol bring down the evil priest with just a little help, but only after it was to late. Anna Maria Zarella and Sister Helena have one thing in common, they want a child to pass the baton of faith on to.This is where their paths cross onto Sadies youngest child Ann, who survives after many bouts with pneumonia. What is the true generational sin which is passed down. Adultry? Abandonment? Addiction? The baton of Faith?Anna Marie accepts and cares for her two sons only knowing the tradegy that befell one.While John, Anna Maries husband, tries to teach that evil and sad things can not have power unless you give them the power.Ed Zarrella has learned to be locked into the terrors of silence.While Ann runs from the silence, loneliness and apathy of her life with her husband Alexs condition. She finds her soul so stained she has to wash her life and everyone elses clean to even thinks she feels love. Ann is locked into watching life from the other side of the window until she finds her soulmate. But neither Ed nor Ann wants to interfere with Gods silent edicts.Curiousity and constant talking doesnt help Ann- no one listens anyway.In the end can any one of us hear the children in their silence of innocence?